Rocket Past the Corporate Ladder and Land in The C Suite in No Time!

Amid a robust economy and low unemployment, college graduates struggle to get hired. Upon graduation, three out of four don’t have jobs lined up. It takes the average college graduate almost 8 months to find a job. And, this is against a backdrop where the average student loan debt is $41,810. According to Mark Beal, professor at Rutgers University, “My concern is that college graduates are not given the career transition insights, knowledge and skills they will need for the dozen job searches they are expected to have by the time they are 38-years-old.”

What about if you have a job? Only 31% of employees in the US and Canada feel engaged at work and feel stuck in their job. We spend two-thirds of our days at work. When we aren’t happy at work and with our career, other areas of our life suffer. Yet more than 70% of professionals between the ages of 25-40 are not satisfied with their career, and I believe this means we have a serious epidemic on our hands.

Why do people stay stuck in dead-end jobs? Why do so many people have a vision for what a successful career looks like, but don’t have a clue for how they will achieve it?

Finding a career path that makes us feel satisfied and successful isn’t easy. It’s not something they teach us in school.

But, what if people loved their jobs instead? What if they thought differently and started modeling what the best startup entrepreneurs do to succeed at the highest level?  What if they thought of “themselves as a startup company” in order to break out from the pack and put their career on a fast track?

I’ve been blessed to work with many great mentors and at some of the world’s best startup companies. I’ve done extensive research on what successful startup people do, how they act, how they think  and the attitudes they have. I’ve learned what separates these startup entrepreneurs them from the herd.

Armed with this knowledge, I’ve created a blueprint for achieving breakthrough success in your career by removing the mystery for how the best entrepreneurs at startups succeed at the highest level. This blueprint consists of 7 keys to the C-suite and 40 actions you can immediately put into practice to accelerate your career. This blueprint will help transform the trajectory of your career and become the envy of your office – no matter how small or large that office might be.

This is really important because startups are popping up all over. They need talent. Desperately. You don’t have to be a techie nerd to do this. These companies need all kinds of talents and creativity, people with bold ideas who have the grit to bring them to fruition.

What about big companies? The interesting thing is this entrepreneurial spirit is exactly the same thing big companies seek from their employees. Executives at big companies are trying to stay ahead of innovative startups. They understand that the path to success often comes from breaking free from the status quo and bureaucracy of their own business.

Never before has there been a time with a greater opportunity to rise to the top at incredible speed – I will teach you how to do it!  Stay tuned for more details!