How to Be a Startup Leader Part 1

Based on my wealth of experience and observations of prominent startup leaders, there are several leadership attributes you must cultivate if you want to zoom to the top and stay there.
Over the course of the next 3 blogs, I will describe to you what are the best traits to embrace on your leadership journey.

Discover the Importance of Differentiation

Just like companies must create products and services that stand out in the marketplace, you must create a personal brand that differentiates you. The best way to be seen as a promotable leader is to act like you are in the leadership role you’re aiming for, adopting leader attributes that make it easy for decision-makers to picture you in the position.
In my thirty years of hiring, promoting, and occasionally having to let people go within startups, I’ve taken note of how employees can differentiate themselves. It starts with showing initiative and taking on necessary projects that no one else wants to tackle. Build relationships across your company so you know who to contact and who can help. Present yourself as someone who loves the company, because few others will demonstrate that they are guided by the company values, expectations, and goals.
Also, build your skills beyond others in your field, anticipate critical needs, go the extra mile when it counts, and develop top-tier communication skills. The goal of differentiation is to create the understanding that you are the best at what you do.
It’s worth noting that you increase your value when you help your company differentiate itself in the market. Wherever your realm of influence lies, show your strategic thinking by asking questions and doing your part to help your company stand out when it comes to products or services, distribution, brand, and specialization.